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Payment & Invoicing
We accept the following credit cards:

Please provide the credit card number and expiration date when placing your order. When order is shipped, payment will be processed through on your card. If you request payment of an invoice by credit card after an order is shipped, a 3% credit card processing fee will be added.

Full remittance is required with order unless credit has been established. You may elect to pay by credit card. Your order amount along with any applicable freight and handling charges will be charged to your credit card at time of shipping. For established credit customers we will invoice your order at time of shipping including any applicable freight and handling charges. We charge 2% per month or 24% annually for account balances past 30 days overdue.

Shipping Methods
We will ship your order prepaid to your destination via UPS Ground, US Priority Mail, or common carrier. The actual freight charges will be added to your order at time of shipping.

Ship Dates
We will ship your order during the week you specify if the product is available at that time. We make every effort to ship on the date requested, however, we will not ship during extreme cold weather.

We reserve the right to refuse requests for cancellation of an order within one week of the scheduled shipdate. If we do allow a cancellation of an order within the one week period or if a shipment is refused after shipment, a $25.00 restocking fee plus the cost of any plant material unsuitable for reshipping will be incurred and charged to your account. There will be no charge for errors made on our part. All returns must have prior authorization with our customer service department or return shipments will not be accepted.

Limitations of Warranty/Liability
We warrant our product to be in sound, healthy condition at time of shipment, but do not warrant the flowering, other planting, growing or forcing results. SHORTAGES, DAMAGE IN TRANSIT OR UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCT MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 8 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF ORDER FOR CONSIDERATION OF ANY CLAIM.

We accept no responsibility for the guarantee you give your customers. In no case will Leo Berbee Bulb Company be liable for any dollar amount greater than the sum originally received for the product.

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