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Click on any graphic or category name to see the varieties available in that category. We are not limited to our catalog. We work with a wide range of growers and are committed to supplying all your needs. Email us with any questions.
Specialty Amaryllis
Diamond “Baby Star”
Diamond “Fairytale“
Diamond “Lemon Star”
Diamond “Neon”
Exotic Star
Galaxy Double "Double Dream"
Galaxy Double "Splash"
Galaxy Double “Amadeus”
Spider "Bogota"
Spider "Emerald"
Spider "LaPaz"
Triple "Aphrodite"
Triple "Red Nymph"
Triple "Sunny Nymph"
Triple "White Nymph/Ice Queen"
Trumpet "Amputo"
Trumpet "Estella"
Trumpet "Rebecca"
Trumpet "Santiago"

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